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New Jersey
During The visit in US Yohai will be available for private sessions.Yohai has a great deal of...

During The visit in US Yohai will be available for private sessions.Yohai has a great deal of...

New York
In this practical and exciting course, you will become acquainted with the principles of THE GATE...


Thank you for a deep and enriching workshop. I’ve been highly impressed by the professionalism, the seriousness and the depth of things. THE GATE indeed permeates the deep layers and releases from suffering and useless burdens. I’ll recommend it to all my friends. See you again in the following workshop.

Noya Tzuk
May 31, 2011

Solve And Create Without "Digging"

THE GATE works by means of mapping and healing the causes of our symptoms without having to figure out what they are, and without having to talk about them. THE GATE raises the feeling-thinking-response patterns that do not serve us, and while the patterns are active, systematic work is done to make their roots disappear. A constant and accurate body-mind feedback guides us until the process is complete.

Mind Recovery

When the mind loses its equilibrium, obstructions and problems arise. The mind grows and maintains fears, passions and addictions, concerns and regrets, self judgments as well as judgments of others. The mind is full with conditioning which does not serve us, and with beliefs and emotional patterns which make us suffer and weaken us. That's why, simultaneously, while healing what is presently hurting, the method focuses on healing the mind and making it retrieve its natural and forgotten state. When the soil of the consciousness recovers-each and every part of the tree does, beginning with the roots, through the trunk, the branches, the leaves, and till the fruits.

Quiet And Connection To The Self

The disquiet made of old pains and doubts prevents us from hearing our inner voice. THE GATE quietens the noises of the consciousness and strengthens the connection to the authentic inner seed. The quiet is achieved by means of depth work on the subconscious, letting the energy of life (chi) flow, and mindfulness - meditative contemplation which trains us to accept all that exists and to be present in the here and now.

Changes Supported By Entire System

THE GATE creates changes in the subconscious, the super conscious and in the energetic channels which have impact on our thoughts-feelings-sensations and on our state of health. The changes are produced out of coordination of all the internal factors – leading to the support of all the components of the system for the desired change and making it possible. THE GATE transforms thinking patterns, feeling and behavior that do not serve us any more, replacing them with up-to-date patterns which will be automatically activated as soon as needed.


THE GATE is an innovative method of healing and personal development. Working with THE GATE has a direct impact on the main factors which determine whether we will live in suffering and hardship or in mental and physical well-being

THE GATE is highly focused and works simultaneously on several layers: on the subconscious, on the conscious, on the energetic level, on the emotional and mental levels and on the soul level. Therefore, lasting unprecedented progress and fast and steady results are achieved.

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